MI Asthma Research

Help Find a WAY to Better Severe Asthma Treatment!

We are looking for individuals who may benefit from participation in our severe asthma research studies. Research may help you understand how to treat persistent severe asthma symptoms with better control. The MI Asthma Research portfolio of studies specializes in adult asthma care management to reduce long term side effects of oral corticosteroids, block proteins that exacerbate lung inflammation, and target precise therapies to patients who share similar biomarker characteristics. 

Severe Asthma Research Targets Individuals Who: 

People with severe asthma often experience high rates of emergency department visits, hospitalizations and school or work absenteeism. They often find themselves unable to perform simple activities of daily living.

Once considered a single, though complex disease, asthma is now recognized as a syndrome or spectrum of diseases with environmental and genetic factors that cause airway inflammation and bronchospasm – leading to coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. Severe asthma is one form of the disease.

Each person’s asthma experience is unique to them.

(Allergy Asthma Network)

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